Last One Standing Hire in Cardiff, Newport, South Wales And All Rct

Last Man Standing Hire Available August 2017

This fantastic new game is from the hit series “Total Wipeout”.

This eight player game has two rotating sweeper arms. Each person stands on foam numbered podium which are mount on an inflatable bed. The speed and the direction of the padded arms are controlled by an operator, Duck under one and jump over the second, if you are knocked over by either you are out!

Only the fittest and strongest will be victorious and the last man standing!

Great fun for all ages! This awesome 6 player games in a firm favourite for the spectators too!

The Total Wipe is ideal for team building events, family fun days or hosting your own “it’s a knockout” or “Total wipeout” event. Hire from a few hours to multiple days for University balls, Fetes or parties.

The unit comprises a inflatable, wave-themed bouncy base.

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Last one Standing